Sunday, August 18, 2013

Silence Quotes

I have been re-reading "Into the Silent Land" by Fr. Martin Laird and encountering so many wonderful quotes and poems about Silence. Here's a taste (these are just from the introduction):

"This self-giving God, the Being of our being, the Life of our life, has joined to Himself two givens of human life: we are built to commune with God and we all meet death." M.L.

"... we must fly to our beloved homeland. There the Father is, and there is everything." St. Augustine 

I look towards silence.
It is not, as I heard, a peak
with natural footholds and crampons
by better climbers.


Contrary to what they say there is no map
(they may be speaking of another place)
there is only surrender...

~ Pauline Matarasso

"The joy that is silent is already within us. Its discovery is precious beyond compare ." M.L.

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