Monday, May 25, 2009


By Richard RohrQuestion of the day:
How do I still my soul?

None of us are completely present. So don’t feel guilty, but do know presence is still the great teacher, those enlightened moments that come now and then. When we are manipulating, changing, controlling, and fixing, we are not there yet. We cannot be present to something and trying to change it at the same time.

The calculating mind is the opposite of the contemplative mind. The first is taught by the systems of our world, the second by the Holy Spirit.

We might consider this prayer to try to draw ourselves into a contemplative frame of mind:
Be still and know that I am God.
Be still and know that I am.
Be still and know.
Be still.
From Everything Belongs, p. 61

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Graduated!

I am now a certified Spriritual Director! I would HIGHLY recommend the SoulStream Spiritual Direction Course and anything else this community offers to anyone who is interested. To check it out CLICK HERE

I think this phrase sums up SoulStream and what God is doing in my life: "Bless the Lord oh my soul, who leads me into life" Taize Song

Take Care!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


This is going in my journal. From Richard Rohr:

Question of the day:
How do we allow God to help us live in the moment?

Let us be present to the now.
It’s all we have and it’s where God will always speak to us.
The now holds everything, rejects nothing and,
therefore, can receive God, too.
Help us be present to the place we’re most afraid of,
because it always feels empty, it always feels boring,
it always feels like it’s not enough.
Help us find some space within that we don’t try to fill
with ideas or opinions.
Help us to create inner space,
because you always show yourself best where we are
hungry and empty.
Keep us out of the way,
so there is always room enough for you.


From Hope Against Darkness, p. 122

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Awareness of the sacred in life is what holds our world together and the lack of awareness and sacred care is what is tearing our world apart.

Joan Chittister "Wisdom Distilled from the Daily"