Saturday, November 18, 2017

Go with the flow

The statement “Go with the flow”
is often misunderstood and sometimes
maligned by our success driven,
consumption obsessed North American
society, but properly understood it
just might save your life.

Going with the flow doesn't mean
you become intentionally idle
a.k.a. "hakuna matata" from the Lion King.
You still get shit done, you just do it
from an upgraded operating system.

Going with the flow means…

Primarily entering into Flow
and abiding there.

Letting go of your enslavement to time

Accepting that interruptions are a
part of life

Trusting that God is good
and that when you follow
your internal signal
rather than your fear and ego,
good things happen

Spiritual Abundance grows 
love, joy, peace….
Take good care,


Photo: @kaffegram.


- Accept yourself
- Accept others
- Accept situations as they arise
Accept and you will know peace.
Take good care,