Thursday, September 2, 2010


"Jesus told people to love your enemies, but in effect we ended up condemning them or splitting them, because we did not give them the software to know how to actually do this. Again, we gave them the what but not the how. Emerging Christianity is going to have to emphasize orthopraxy (walking the talk) much more than mere orthodoxy (talking the walk). It is the walking that changes you and reveals your own deeper self to yourself (in ways that are not always flattering).

"Spiritual practices must invade, touch, and heal the unconscious, where 95% of our real motivation lies. Faith-filled actions, contemplative prayer, solitude, silence, and many life events have the power to expose and change our unconscious agendas and motivations. Most “belief systems” are just laid on top of our egoic world view, and unfortunately do little damage to it. We can say all the right words, practice all the right rituals, and our heart can remain cold and unconnected."

From Emerging Christianity: the conference recordings

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