Monday, July 16, 2007

Pray As You Go...

Sometimes we think we are to busy to pray, but prayer can happen in little cracks of time. Here are some ideas:

Pray in the car – to do this you may have to turn the radio off. When you get into the car and close the door, take a deep breath and enjoy the silence. If you are on the way home from work, pray about your day and leave the stresses and the job in the car that way you will be more ready to give all your attention to your family, or friends when you get home. You can also turn the radio off and simply enjoy the silence. And finally, pray for the people you drive by. Pray for the people in the other cars. Pray for the people on the street. Pray for whoever else comes to mind.

Pray as you wait – I’ve spoken to a few contemplative people who don’t get bored, and rarely get impatient anymore. Why? Their practice of prayer has spilled over into their wait times, so as they wait, they pray, or are comfortable in silence. As you wait, practice your discipline of silent prayer, or pray for those around you. If you are waiting for a meeting to start, place it in God’s hands and ask for God’s will to be done.

Pray as you go – As soon as you become conscious of God, or think about prayer, center yourself in God and become fully present to the people and the situation you find yourself in. Lift those around you up to God in prayer.

Praise as you go! – “Praise the Lord oh my soul. All that is within me praise his holy name.” (Psalm 103) This is one of my favorite things to do and when I am in a foul mood I often do this intentionally and it helps to change my frame of mind. Wherever you are, think about your blessings and turn these into a prayer of praise and thanksgiving. You might find yourself praising God for all kinds of things, even seemingly little things – go for it. It’s good for your soul.

learning to pray: What's your favorite way to "pray as you go?" Comment below.


grant said...

I've been commuting an hour each way to take some summer courses. I read a psalm and meditate over it for about 20 minutes before I leave. This usually gives me a small segment that really jumps out at me. I write the verse on my hand and go out the door.
I use the mile markers on the side of the road to center me back onto the verse written on my hand as my mind tends to wander between miles. So at least every mile I refocus on the verse.

Anonymous said...

My favourite way is to use Pray-as-you-go, the Jesuits' daily prayer podcast, on my MP3 player. It's great!