Friday, June 15, 2007

SoulStream Hits the Web!

Press Release:
June 15, 2007

SoulStream is launching What a cause for real celebration! Steve Imbach who along with Jean, his wife, and Jeff and Joy Imbach, founded SoulStream in 2002 says, “Our SoulStream family is growing and with that growth we wanted to augment what we normally do to support our fellow pilgrims.”

The website is really an extension of our commitment to community. We want to provide connection for those seeking support in their contemplative journey and helpful information about SoulStream and it’s work. It is our hope that this resource may be used to encourage folks to open their lives more deeply to God’s tender love for them.

Speaking for all the partners, Jeff Imbach notes, “Many today are discovering the wonder of a relationship with God that is not focused on performance but on receiving the gift of God’s loving and healing presence.” We desire to create opportunities for people to freely encounter Jesus and live faith authentically by receiving the gift of God’s intimate presence in all of life.

This website is mainly informative in nature – introducing visitors to the SoulStream partners and support boards as well as outlining SoulStream’s mission and values. You will find brochures and applications for SoulStream courses and workshops here in addition to articles and reflections about living contemplatively. Students will benefit from the communication opportunities the website presents: messages will be posted regarding course, assignment and retreat details and students will be able to blog their responses to course content. Another feature is the SoulStream store: visitors are able to buy books written by Jeff Imbach and others.

SoulStream nurtures contemplative experience with Christ leading to inner freedom and compassionate service.

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