Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lilies of the field

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon. With my cheap cameras it is hard to take pictures of flowers without the flower being over exposed. Flowers seem to reflect too much light for my cameras. As I used this picture as the focal point of my meditation this morning I started thinking about flowers and light, and thought: if I am made in the image of God and God is light then each created thing is light. Could we, like the flower, powerfully reflect the light of God?

Obviously, this is a rhetorical question, but if it is true, that I can reflect the light of God, then why don’t I? This is a sincere struggle for me. The rebel in me resists being light.


Maybe I do shine, and I don’t know it (rhetorical answer, therefore, part of the answer is to relax and simply let the light of God shine that is in me and always has been in me from the time of my first breath). Beyond my obvious dark side, and my tendency to live in it, why won’t I shine? Why do I resist being light? How can I be more like the flower and not hold back? How can I be more like the flower, and naturally let the light shine that is within me?

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All the best!

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Buzzsaw said...

I appreciate your candidness Rod. This is a puzzle, and also a quest. How do we reflect God. Hopefully I am learning this too. God Bless. Ken Cyr